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To enable a lawn to look its greenest a weed&feed application is essential for every lawn loving homeowner. With the application of a weed&feed grass turns to a healthier more natural shade of green leaving the rich dark that is often seen on golf courses. The lawn will grow thicker, filling in bare spots on its own, leaving a thick green blanket to sink your toes into.

Pre Application


Call and set up appointment (free estimates)

Ask about our summer program deals (2-4) applications for the summer

Tell us about the concerns you have about your lawn, and let us tell you what we can do to cater to your specific needs

For best results mow before your application


The application is simple and unnoticeable (not tractors driving on your lawn)

Post Application

Please do NOT water for 24 hours

Please keep kids and pets off untill lawn dries

Please do NOT mow for 48 hours


Because it is applied by hand it is safe for use around flowers and shrubs with no worries

The formula is also phosphate free so it will not contaminate the lakes


HOMETHRIVIN' PRODUCTS: 11-12-4 | 13-0-512-5-58-4-10 | 6-2-2  | 7-0-2

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