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Thrivin’ Update…
Thrivin’ products are premium fertilizers that have many unique features that make them an ideal choice for customers who want a greener lawn.  Thrivin’ is different because it calls upon nature to get results and focuses on building up the soil for a more sustainable lawn. 
Thrivin’ is better because it contains organic slow release nitrogen, which feeds the plants and soil over a longer period of time than conventional fertilizers.  The slow release nitrogen helps to prevent burning the grass, as many synthetic fertilizers can.
Thrivin’ has nutrients that healthy turfgrass needs, more than just nitrogen (N) phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).  Thrivin’ provides plants with sulfur (S), which, helps to make the plants use the nitrogen more efficiently and makes the grass a deeper green color.  The calcium (Ca) provided by Thrivin’ aids in building healthier soil.  Iron (Fe) is another nutrient in Thrivin’ that helps to give grass a deep green that we seek.
The organic matter that Thrivin’ provides, supports the living organisms already in the soil.  Once the organic matter is broken down by the soil, it acts as sponge holding the nutrients and water in the soil longer.  That means less fertilizer and watering is necessary to achieve the same results compared to synthetic fertilizers. 
Thrivin’ was designed to be ecologically minded.  You can feel good after using our products because you know they will get results without doing damage to our ecosystem.
As you can see, Thrivin’ is a unique product that gets results and is a viable alternative to purely synthetic fertilizers. 

Thrivin' 7-0-2 Plus 
An ideal choice for use around open waterways where phosphates are not desired.  This is a natural and organic based blend of fertilizer.

Thrivin' 6-2-2 Plus
A premium natural and organic based turfgrass fertilizer that gets wonderful results.

Thrivin' 13-0-5 Plus
This product combines the benefits of both organic and synthetic fertilizers.  It is phosphate free so it will not promote algae growth in open waterways.

Thrivin' 12-5-5 Plus

Formulated specifically for the turfgrass market and it combines the best advantages of both organic and synthetic fertilizers.

Thrivin' 11-12-4 Plus
Recommended for use as a starter establishing new grass.  It is a combination of organic and synthetic technology as well.

Thrivin' 8-4-10 Plus
Designed for fall application because it has a higher ratio of potassium, which promotes improved root systems.


HOMETHRIVIN' PRODUCTS: 11-12-4 | 13-0-512-5-58-4-10 | 6-2-2  | 7-0-2

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