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AURI News and Events - 6/1/2001
Unique fertilizer helps protect Minnesota’s liquid assets.

Alexandria, Minn. — A new fishy fertilizer can green lakeshore lawns and keep lakes clean at the same time. Bio Builder of Alexandria is manufacturing a phosphorous-free fertilizer made from corn distiller’s dried grain and rough fish. Thrivin’ Natural and Organic Turfgrass Fertilizer eliminates phosphorus runoff, giving lakeshore owners a way to grow green grass rather than green lakes. The environmentally friendly product was developed with help from AURI by Josh Zeithamer of Alexandria, a 19-year-old college student and entrepreneur. Excess lawn fertilizer washing into surface waters promotes algae blooms that suffocate game fish, destroy water clarity and ruin swimming and boating. Phosphorus, an element in nearly all lawn fertilizers, is the biggest culprit. However, phosphate free fertilizers can be difficult to find. Josh Zeithamer saw an opportunity. So the summer before his senior year of high school, he formed Bio Builder and set out to create a phosphate-free fertilizer. By that time, he already had several years of experience in the fertilizer industry having worked with his father, Alexandria businessman Alan Zeithamer, who manufactures fertilizer from liquefied carp and bullheads. The Zeithamer’s hit on the idea of blending the liquid fertilizer with distiller’s dried grain to produce a dry product for turf grass. A co-product of ethanol processing, distiller’s dried grain is cheap, low in phosphorus, and a good source of slow-release nitrogen. Currently, it is sold for animal feed. Fertilizer, Josh says, “is a totally new use.” For more information, contact Jody Koubsky at the AURI Central Office in Morris at (320) 589-7280.


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