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Bio Builder will work with you to help troubleshoot problem areas as well make sure you are getting the best results.  We offer of soil testing and analysis, tissue sampling and analysis and a variety of other procedures to make sure you are making informed fertility decisions.


I am pleased to be writing this recommendation because of the superior results and service I received from Bio Builder and its staff. Over the growing season of 2001, I was delighted to recognize that Bio Builder’s premium turfgrass fertilizer, Thrivin’, displayed qualities that I value as a professional golf course superintendent. Thrivin’ performed on par with the national brand synthetic fertilizers. Thrivin’ is not like other fertilizers, it does not promote flush growth on the greens after applying it and more importantly it sustained color longer in combination with a synthetic program.

Using Thrivin’ creates additional spillover benefits. The base for the granular fertilizer, Thrivin’, is the bi-product from the upper Midwest’s ethanol plants (corn) and it serves as a source of organic nitrogen, which is a slow release nitrogen source lasting up to three times longer than conventional water soluble nitrogen fertilizers. Non-game rough fish are utilized in Thrivin’ to give it another advantage over its competition.

Jeff Larsen
Greystone Golf Club



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