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Bio Builder believes in complete management of turfgrass, more than just an ideal fertilization plan.  We offer a deep tine aerification service to customers. To see the recommended pre and post aerification guidelines, click here.

The benefits of aerification include:
 •Improved water infiltration...better drainage
 •Allows deeper penetration of fertilizers
 •Improves plants rooting
 •Aids in thatch control
 •Increases stress tolerance
 •Breaks up sod layers which can restrict rooting and water movement
 •Releases toxic gases from soils
 •Increases drying and drainage on persisting wet soils
 •Loosens soil, allowing for increased air space
 •Softens sports fields so there is less of a chance for injury

We will be using a new Vertidrain™ 7316 that can penetrate up to 12 inches into the soil. For more information and scheduling, email us or call 1-866-800-TURF.

To achieve the optimum results from deep tine aerification, follow these simple guidelines.

Pre-Deep Tine Aerification
•No Growth retardants (no TGR) 3-4 weeks prior
•Fertilize 5-7 days prior @ half the normal rate
•Top Dress lightly with normal mix prior to treatment, one green ahead of deep tine unit

Post Deep Tine Aerification
•Top Dress afterwards with normal mix
•Fertilize @ half the normal rate
•Irrigate after topdressing/aeration complete.  Use syringe cycle if available.
  Otherwise, turn green heads on and water in for 4 – 7 minutes.
•Mow greens without baskets for the first day or two.  Use old reels if possible.

Note: These are guidelines and are subject to change depending upon your golf course's specific needs.



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